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The NIHR HSRIC works closely with many UK organisations and individuals, as well as international networks and organisations.




We recognise the importance of working with manufacturers and developers to identify and prioritise emerging and new health technologies and welcome the opportunity to discuss development pipelines with commercial developers. More information on our links with industry and how other organisations in the innovation and adoption landscape work with industry can be found on our For Industry page.

If you wish to send us information about any development you think we should investigate please complete the relevant information pro-forma or email us at We undertake to respect any confidential or commercially sensitive information you provide.




The NIHR HSRIC works closely or has links with:




  • The NIHR HSRIC is a member of and host to the Secretariat for EuroScan International Network: the International Information Network on New and Changing Health Technologies.

  • The NIHR HSRIC is a member of INAHTA: the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment.

  • Members of the NIHR HSRIC are also individual members of Health Technology Assessment International.