How is our information used?


Information in the form of technology briefings and alerts and review reports is sent to our principal users on a regular basis.


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) research programmes


The NIHR HSRIC sends information on emerging health technologies that may benefit from additional research to the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC). NETSCC coordinates and manages several research programmes including the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) programmes. Other NIHR research programmes that receive information from the NIHR HSRIC include the Invention for Innovation programme managed by the NIHR Central Commissioning Function.


National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)


NICE technology appraisals

The NIHR HSRIC sends information for the initial filtering of new drugs and ATMPs, and new indications of currently licensed drugs and ATMPs to the topic selection team within NICE on a weekly basis. The NICE topic selection team filters out topics using their agreed programme criteria, and requests technology briefings from the NIHR HSRIC on topics that they consider appropriate for NICE’s technology appraisal programme. The NIHR develops HSRIC technology briefings on these topics and send to NICE every 2 months. If the pharmaceuticals are selected by NICE for a technology appraisal, information from the NIHR HSRIC is used as a basis for the initial technology appraisal scoping documents.

Companies are involved in the provision of information on their topics either directly or via UKPharmaScan and are able to comment on the final technology briefing before it is finalised.

Topics are also identified at the filtration stage for the NICE Highly Specialised Technology Programme.


NICE medical technologies evaluation and diagnostic assessment programmes (MTEP and DAP)

NIHR HSRIC alerts on emerging medical devices and diagnostics are disseminated to the NICE MTEP and DAP teams, who consider each topic in line with programme criteria. Topics can be put forward for prioritisation within the programmes, monitored for on-going developments or filtered out.

NIHR HSRIC horizon scanning reviews are also reviewed by the NICE MTEP and DAPs teams to identify any topics that may be of future interest to these programmes. Individual topics are monitored by the NICE teams and sent for consideration at an appropriate time in the technology’s development. The NIHR HSRIC team also keep these technologies under review and will write technology briefings and alerts as needed. The NIHR HSRIC encourages companies to notify the MTEP and DAP programmes of any emerging health technologies that may be of relevance to these programmes.


NICE Interventional Procedures Programme

NIHR HSRIC alerts of emerging interventional procedures include imaging topics, are disseminated to the NICE IPP team, who consider each topic in line with programme criteria. Topics can be put forward for prioritisation with in the programmes, monitored for on-going developments or filtered out.


NHS England


Emerging drugs and ATMPs identified at the filtration stage as relevant for the NICE Highly Specialised Technology Programme are also sent to the NHS England specialised services team. The NHS England team also receives all NIHR HSRIC alerts and horizon scanning review reports.

The NIHR HSRIC encourages companies to notify NHS England of any innovative technologies that are of relevance to specialised services and patients.


UK National Screening Programmes


The NIHR HSRIC ensures that any technology briefings or alerts of relevance to the National Screening Committee or National Screening Programmes is disseminated to the relevant Screening Programme Manager.