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UK horizon scanning and HTA activities




  • NIHR Dissemination Centre

    The NIHR Dissemination Centre helps NHS clinicians, commissioners and patients to make informed decisions about which treatments and practices are most effective in health care, social care and public health. Among other outputs the Dissemination Centre produces NIHR Signals which summarise and contextualise the latest research findings from the NIHR.



  • United Kingdom Medicines Information (UKMi)

    UKMi produces a range of information on new products, covering early horizon scanning intelligence on drugs in clinical development through to evaluations of medicines once marketed.


  • UK PharmaScan

    UK PharmaScan is a secure horizon scanning database populated by manufacturers with information on new medicines in development from up to three years before their launch in the UK or start of phase III clinical development, whichever is the earlier. UKPharmaScan is designed to reduce duplication of information provided to UK horizon scanning organisations and to support better NHS planning for the introduction of new medicines to patients.


  • Medicines and Prescribing Centre at NICE (MPC)

    The Medicines and Prescribing Centre at NICE provides support for medicines and prescribing through advice on medicines optimisation including support for QIPP; specific medicines advice, for example on unlicensed and off-label drugs; and practical tools and materials to aid implementation.


  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

    Horizon scanning is used by the HSE to ensure that it is aware of developments, trends and changes in the medium to long-term future that could impact on health and safety in Britain.


  • Public Health England

    Public Health England’s mission is to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities.


  • National Genetics Reference Laboratories

    The specific remit of the laboratories include Health Technology Assessment, development of new External Quality Systems, development of reference reagents and control and advice to government and other bodies.


  • UK Genetic Testing Network

    The UK GTN is an advisory organisation that provides commissioning support to the NHSand DH for NHS patients in the UK. The Network evaluated new genetic testing services and has testing critier for new genetic tests to ensure clinical appropriate usage.




  • Scottish Health Technologies Group

    The SHTG is an advisory group set up to provide assistance to NHS Scotland boards when considering selected health technologies, excluding medicines which are be reviewed by the SMC.


  • All Wales Medicines Strategy Group

    The AWMSG provides advice on medicines management and prescribing to the Welsh Government’s Minister for Health and Social Services.


  • Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC)

    The SMC provides advice to NHS Boards and Area Drug and Therapeutics Committees across Scotland about the status of all newly licensed medicines, all new formulations of existing medicines and new indications for established products. Horizon Scanning is used to support financial planning at Health Board level.