H-FABP Immunoturbimetric Assay with troponin testing for the assessment of heart-related chest pain

August 2012
Technology Description:

The H-FABP Immunoturbimetric (IT) Assay is a laboratory test which is designed to help diagnose the cause of chest pain or discomfort in people arriving at a hospital emergency department. The test measures levels of heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) in blood samples. H-FABP is a protein released into the bloodstream following restricted blood flow to the heart. Adding the H-FABP IT Assay to current tests may improve the ability to rule out some heart conditions at an earlier stage. The test may also be useful in assessing someone's risk of having serious heart-related events in the future. However, more research is needed before it is known what the true clinical benefits of adding this new test might be.